The performance of the WFNM framework, in term of how much http session it is automatically able to free, has been measured using the WFNM sample (Struts version) that allows to navigate the following web application:

For each forward navigation, the sample stores into the http session a sample bean of one kilobyte size.

The test has been repeated twice: with the WFNM enabled and with the WFNM disabled.

In both cases, the "webflow" default ownership has been used.

The testing navigation consists of four round trips:

Round tripNavigation path

The results obtained are showed in the following chart:

Below you can find the statistics details for the Struts version of the sample.

Here you can download the original statistic files:

Note that statistics obtained using the JavaServer Faces version of the sample are similar.

You can download here the WFNM sample and in few minutes you will be able to repeat and verify the performance test.

Statistic details

pageSession size with WFNMSession size without WFNM