After deploying the "wfnm-sample.war" file into your favorite J2EE 1.4 web container, you can open a browser and digit the following url:

where <host> is the name of the machine and <port> is the port of the web container.

The following screenshots are taken from that application:

Sample home

The sample home page allows to choose among two available versions: Struts and JavaServer Faces

The screenshots that follow assume that the Struts version has been chosen.


The page that follow allows to configure the WFNM framework and to enter into the WFNM managed part of the sample.

Static links

By pressing the static links, it is possible to navigate pages and webflows.

For example choosing the path a1->a2->b1->b2->b4->d1->d3: below the d3 page reached.

The status

By pressing the "status" link, the status of the WFNM framework is displayed.

Dynamic links

By pressing the dynamic link buttons, it is possible to dynamically backward navigate the site.

For example by pressing the "Previous webflow" button the page b4 is reached.

Then, by pressing "previous page" the page b2 is reached.

Looking at statistics

By opening the "wfnm-sample-stats.csv" using Microsoft Excel, you can see the statistics below: